Since the beginning of my life I was facing the same question on an ongoing basis. “What do I have to do, to bridge the gap between the place I am now and my vision where I want to be?”

Professional life:

After obtaining my degree in International Business, my professional career started in the healthcare industry in the sales division. I rapidly progressed to different C-level positions at Fortune 500s, worked & lived on mostly all continents and consistently received awards and recognition for my achievements and performance.
Throughout my career, a key motivator was knowing that I increased access to a healthier life by working in the healthcare industry, and that I was able to learn from the best in the field.
At age 45, I reached the peak of my corporate-career, and moved into private and family owned businesses, where I stock-listed a company in Australia and started my own advisory with the focus on Global Business development.
Currently, I consult multinationals in their geographic market expansion, product launch initiatives, and venture capital and private equity companies in global M&A projects. In addition to being a board member and ESG committee member for their portfolio company and industry expert.